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Product-Program / Partners
Single Disc Clutches / Brakes
Multi Discs Clutches / Brakes
Hydraulic  Clutches /  Brakes
Spring-applied safety Brakes
C / B Units, pneum., electrom.
Torque limiters / overload C
Freewheel and backstopp C
Spare Parts, Different C / B

We are able to deliver many different kinds of:

  • Clutches and Brakes
  • Clutch / Brake Combinations (C / BC´s)
  • Torque limiter (Overload clutches)
  • Spare Parts for Clutches and Brakes

Our main business are electromagnetic Disc Clutches and Brakes for Motive Power Engineering. But we are also able to deliver Clutches and Brakes with mechanical, hydraulical and pneumatical actuation.

In our homepage you can see our standart programm, but we are also able to deliver other kinds of Clutches and Brakes like the customer want´s.

The main Spare Parts we deliver are Clutch Discs and Organic Friction Material. The Clutch Discs  we can deliver in Steel and covered with Organic or Sinter Bronze material. The Friction Material our customers can get in many different qualities. In our program we also have Paper linning.

If you need high qualitiy tools for aluminium and iron grey casting, or parts out of this material, please ask our cooperation partner Modellbau Hartung.

Hp.: www.modellbau-hartung.de       Mail: modellbau-hartung@t-online.de